Making the Complex Simple to Impact, Enlighten, and Innovate! Making the Complex Simple to Impact, Enlighten, and Innovate! Making the Complex Simple to Impact, Enlighten, and Innovate!


3DIT, the 3D product
presentation provider of the future

3D Interaction Technologies

3DIT is a company from Dresden that has been developing interactive 3D models for use in the marketing, sales and service sectors for over ten years.
Govie ensures clarity and simplifies communications for your solutions, products, and processes through powerful and interactive 3D images. 3DIT’s solutions dramatically maximizes the receiver’s ability to understand complex concepts, all at minimal costs. Govie® Software Makes the Complex Simple to Impact, Enlighten, and Innovate.
“We firmly believe that
people better understand
learn and remember what is
visually in 3D, interactable and
virtually touchable.”

Ingolf Seifert,
managing director 3DIT

3DIT in the media

3DIT is nominated for the Entrepreneur Award 2020 Innovative ideas, a convincing product, new markets, far-sighted and sustainable corporate management - the competition "Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year" honors all of these. And that, precisely because the 2020 financial year was challenging and often not an easy one for entrepreneurs. With the special category "Focus X" - Best Opportunity Manager, awards are also given to those who have been courageous, flexible and agile, and who have broken new ground despite difficult conditions. With the release of the Govie Editor in 2020, the last piece of the puzzle has been added: Mechanical engineers could directly use their CAD planning data, 3D artists their 3D models. "The fact that we have managed to write this software in a country without much venture capital and past the giants of Silicon Valley makes us proud," said the managing directors Ingolf Seifert and Dr. Henry Wojcik.

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Introducing Govie®, a 3D Interactive & StoryTelling software solution simpler than PowerPoint and exponentially faster than traditional 3D rendering. Describing complicated solutions, products, processes, concepts with maximum impact is challenging. Creating 3D graphical representations was expensive, time-consuming, and limited in success and opportunity. Govie® 3D Interactive software enables maximum impact to the viewer for minimal costs. Our 3D interactive software is easy to use, generates images rapidly, at a low cost, and creates 3D images generating lasting impressions, regardless of complexity. Govie® creates powerful communications tools and remarkable StoryTelling for maximum impact. Govie®s software platform and structure encourage a team development environment, receiving input from various personas and domains. Our 3D interactive software is easy to use, generates images rapidly, at low cost, and allows the presenter to create lasting impressions simpler than PowerPoint, regardless of complexity. The advanced StoryTelling capability ensures a lasting impact on the receiver. Our solutions provide immediate ability to personalize and humanize communications and impressions required to implement Account Based Marketing (ABM). 3DIT's solutions dramatically maximize your communications and understanding through StoryTelling at minimal costs.

About us

3D it: Your experts for the comprehensible presentation of products in need of explanation

Explaining high technologies in an understandable, entertaining and memorable way is a challenge for companies. This was also the experience of microelectronics engineer Dr. Henry Wojcik as a research assistant at TU Dresden and technology journalist Ingolf Seifert during his work for various news media. The more complex and complicated a product or technology, the more difficult it is to get others excited about it.

Management: Ingolf Seifert & Dr. Henry Wojcik;
Ron Hiepel (CTO); Fred Runco (CCO at 3DIT Americas)

During a joint educational project in 2009, Wojcik and Seifert faced the challenge of introducing young people to the world of microelectronics. “Why shouldn’t the technical possibilities of computer games also be fruitful for product and technology explanation?” was the thinking of the two technology enthusiasts. Together with media computer scientists from the TU Dresden, they developed an interactive 3D application that illustrated the structure and function of a wafer stepper in real time. The application was a success and quickly resulted in further projects. Therefore Wojcik and Seifert founded 3DIT shortly after. Since then, the company has been dedicated to the development of interactive 3D visualizations. In the meantime, our software agency works throughout Europe for companies from various high-tech industries. Together with our customers we develop precisely fitting