3D product presentation of the future
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Here you will find a selection of web govies.

Marketing and sales

Industry-specific product guides

With 3D scenes like this, Balluff presents its product portfolio for specific industries. Gamification makes the use of the products tangible. Further information and links lead quickly to the products.

Insight into semiconductor technology with Govie

Experience with the example of a coating plant why it is with interactive 3D animations in Govie format so much easier than with conventional 3D videos or images is to show modes of operation and inner Understanding interrelationships.

Interactive product demonstrator

Sales employees can work with a virtual twin in the Govie format for the first time complex inspection processes step by step explain At the real plant, because of the invisible X-ray radiation, this is difficult and too dangerous.

Education and training

Instruction for craftsmen

Interactive 3D building instructions including animations and dimensions.

Training for apprentices

Story mode, advanced texts, images, videos and PDFs and music!

Electronic Workinstruction

Interactive 3D product including animations, story mode. further texts, images, videos and PDFs.


Technology demonstrator

3D High Tech Explanation

Technology demonstrator

Technical 3D interaction including X-Ray view, exploded view, story mode, advanced text and images.

Product presentations

Interactive 3D model including animations, story mode, further texts, images, videos.

Technology demonstrator

Interactive 3D sequence including animations, storytelling, further texts and images.

Panorama 360°plus

3D tour

Panorama with animations. In the story mode are more detailed texts, images, videos.

Example video

Customer projects for inspiration

This short video shows you a short trailer from various customer projects for inspiration - just contact us here if you have any ideas!