Govie Editor for Architects:

3D + Interaction + Storytelling

Hands-on creation of project presentations that convince - at the end of a project or in the process.

Are you confronted with the challenges of communicating with very different project partners – for example building owners, other service providers, owners or investors – on a daily basis?

Do you want to present complex CAD data from major construction projects in such a way that hidden elements are visible and really understood?

Do you want to keep feedback and correction loops as efficient as possible and not leave your target group to their own devices with their data models and plans?

Govie for large projects and out of BIM planning

Govie for appartments and functional buildings

Govie for media and system planning

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Govie Editor Software for Architects

Independently created 3D presentations that enable your target group to quickly understand the project or model and immerse themselves completely in it.

The Govie Editor enables the independent, fast and easy creation of model presentations that combine 3D, interactivity and a story mode. This makes an effective representation and a deep insight into CAD models and planning data into it easy – without actually requiring CAD software at all.

The Software-as-a-Service software supports the development of project presentations with which the target group really understands the model or the planning, can see details and understand complex relationships.

In the Govie Editor, existing 3D models can be enriched with additional assets such as images, texts, websites and animations. This creates a unique 3D presentation that can be played back as a video and also allows individual control by the user.

The current model version is automatically shared when the Govie in the media library is replaced by a newer version. The update takes place after your approval under the identical share link.

Application areas

  • In the communication of complex construction projects and in coordination of technical details with project partners – by project completion or within the process
  • Presentations of models, plans and projects that are based on CAD data and require additional explanation
  • Integration in websites and presentations of any kind

Features & Benefits

  • easy learning and use of the software on your own – for an independent and efficient use of limited resources
  • use of existing 3D CAD models or 3D scans – for creating the presentation without programming knowledge
  • personal support and training by 3DIT possible – if you don’t (yet) have your own 3D models
  • use textures from a company-specific material database to optimally stage your own CAD data and 3D models
  • playing and sharing the govie within the govie platform and externally via share links

Apply your CAD data directly in the Govie Editor

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Simply load over 30 different data types directly into the editor using drag'n'drop and enrich them for interactive presentation: import, for example, of Autodesk Revit files and numerous CAD formats - or from Blender, 3DSMAX & Co., including materials and animations .

"The Govie format allows us to show our products realistically. The interactivity and the story mode help to demonstrate to our customers how the facade elements are installed on buildings. With the Govie Editor we can combine our material database with the planning data of our customers and create impressive project presentations. ”

Friedrich Bergmann, Managing Director of Aluform System GmbH & Co. KG